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Our original Only Curls products without the perfume for those looking for products without fragrance ingredients.

All Curl Cleanser

All Curl Conditioner

Hydrating Curl Creme

Enhancing Curl Gel

What's Included

How to Use


Discover your best curl routine with our Ultimate Mini Kit!

What little wonders are included?

All Curl Cleanser

A sulfate-free, gentle foaming shampoo that’s super hydrating and kind on curls. Perfect for all curl types!

All Curl Conditioner

A silicone-free hydrating Conditioner, that’s specially formulated to hydrate curls without weighing them down. It detangles, adds shine, and reduces frizz.

Hydrating Curl Creme

A conditioning, leave-in styling cream for curls. Its special formula naturally replenishes moisture and helps restore curls, while still feeling light and natural on the hair.

Enhancing Curl Gel

A medium-hold gel that is specially formulated to define and hold curls, without stickiness or crunch. It’s infused with oils to naturally hydrate curls.

Heat Protect Spray

Formulated to protect hair whilst keeping curls well moisturised, bouncy and frizz-free.

Deep Hydration Hair Mask

A hydrating, strengthening and conditioning treatment for all curl types

Volumising Curl Mousse

A lightweight, protein-rich mousse designed to add volume and nourish curls. Its unique blend of rice water, rice protein, and pro-vitamin B5 helps strengthen curls, replenish moisture and prevent breakage.

How to Use

The Wash Day Routine


Shampoo your hair using the All Curl Cleanser and rinse thoroughly


Comb All Curl Conditioner through your hair, so that curls are detangled whilst wet. Rinse.


Apply Hydrating Curl Creme into soaking wet hair. Comb the product through with your hands and scrunch upwards towards your scalp. This will squeeze out any excess water and scrunch your curls into shape.


Scrunch dry with the Microfibre Towel. Hold each scrunch tightly for 3 seconds and release.


Apply Enhancing Curl Gel for definition and shine. Apply using your hands, then scrunch to encourage bounce. Air dry or diffuse dry to finish.


Apply Heat Protectant Spray to protect your curls from damage.

Refresh Your Curls Between Washes

Option 1:

Curls need a little reviving before your next wash day? Dampen the hair with a little water in a misting bottle and scrunch in a small amount of Enhancing Curl Gel to refresh the curls. Then gently diffuse or air-dry.

Option 2:

For a quick and easy refresh, try using the Curl Mousse. It’s so lightweight it can even be used on dry hair to revive next day curls.

Keep Your Curls Healthy

2x weekly:

Apply the Deep Hydration Hair Mask to cleansed wet hair from root to tip. Massage into hair and scalp, gently detangle curls with fingers or a wide tooth comb. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

Happy Curls and Customers!

  • I’ve used the deep hydrating hair mask once - my hair is loving it. So much softer and curlier. Along with volumising mousse less frizz. Think my dry hair must have been in need of protein - not just moisture. Will continue experimenting!

    Ali S

  • The shampoo and conditioner is so light with no weigh down. The hydrating curl creme and enhancing curl gel are amazing and my hair is a lot curlier.

    Virginia E

  • My hair is very fine and thinning due to menopause, I have tried many products that just didn't work for me, but these do, it's a game changer and has given me so much confidence and boosted my mental wellbeing too!

    Donna W.

  • I recently purchased the wash day wonder's mini set and having a blast experimenting with the different products and quantities.


  • I recently purchased the wash day wonder's mini set and having a blast experimenting with the different products and quantities.


  • The products are all lovely, smell great and leave my hair shiny, bouncy and frizz free. It’s a revelation!

    Lindsey M.

  • I have used the product twice now and I LOVE them. They make my hair feel so squeaky clean. My curls are more defined now. A definite buy again.

    Christine T

Wash Day Wonders - The Ultimate Mini Kit



Wash Day Wonders Includes:

All Curl Cleanser, 100ml

All Curl Conditioner, 100ml

Cleansing Co-Wash, 100ml

Hydrating Curl Creme, 100ml

Enhancing Curl Gel, 100ml

Mega Hold Curl Gel, 100ml

Volumising Curl Mousse, 100ml


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