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The answer every curly wants to know!

Do you have frizzy hair? Is it something you’re always trying to tame? Frizz can be a sign that your hair is curly - you just need the right products and techniques to turn that frizz into beautiful, defined curls.

Reducing frizz starts as soon as you are washing your hair. For the smoothest curls, make sure to detangle your hair when wet with a wide tooth comb, and use moisturising products like our Hydrating Curl Creme. Applying a curl creme to soaking wet hair is key to reducing frizz, and you’ll also want to lock in that moisture and add hold with a curl gel. Either our Enhancing Gel or Mega Hold Gel is perfect for this! For extra frizz control, add a bit more gel when your hair is about 80% dry.

One of the very best things you can do is to use a microfibre towel. The smooth microfibre fabric is a wonder for waves and curls, drying the hair without creating any frizz. Your hair will thank you!

Try our Starter Pack and towel, along with these frizz-taming methods, and get the most gorgeously smooth and defined curly hair.

So you’ve taken the plunge and started a new curly hair routine to embrace your natural texture, but your results aren’t quite what you expected. If anything, your hair looks worse! What went wrong? Most of us with curly hair have experienced the Curly Transition Phase when we first started embracing our natural curls. Here’s what you can do to make this phase smoother.
Do you have curly hair and are thinking about your next haircut? If so, you might be wondering whether you need to see a "curl specialist." While it's not a necessity, choosing the right hairdresser can make all the difference for your curls. Here's what you need to know to ensure you get the best curly hair cut possible.
We all want to know how to have the most luscious locks, and healthy hair growth is a big part of this. What are some simple tips you can try at home to help your hair grow healthy and beautiful?


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