My Curl Story - Eka Nimisha

'I had really short hair growing up. And I used to hate it. I started growing my hair by the end of high school. I had a really tough time growing it long because my hair had been growing in all directions. So when it started falling down my shoulder the first thing I did was straighten it.

People around me never really liked my curls, or to be accurate “my frizzy hair”. So straightening seemed perfect option. It was really frustrating though because I could see the damage done to my hair by the heat, and I was really tired of straightening as a daily routine.

So one day my best friend advised me to just be the natural curly haired girl I am and embrace my uniqueness. That was the first day I washed my curls and left them as it was. And that felt amazing. Slowly I learnt how to handle my curls. It took me time to understand the do’s and don’t s of curly hair. And now I am happy to have curls as that really makes me stand out.'

Here are some of Dos and Don'ts that Eka has discovered on her Curly Journey:

'The Dos'

•The first thing that I would recommend anyone with curly hair is to oil your hair. Oiling is really necessary when it comes for nourishment of the hair and I use coconut oil. It makes the hair strong and gives enough nourishment required. 
• Using the right shampoo is really necessary for curly hair. A lot of shampoos have sulfates and other ingredients which generally makes hair frizzy. So using sulfate free shampoo is important. Though any organic shampoo would also serve the purpose.
• Deep-Conditioning is really important for the hair to hold enough moisture
• Scrunching is a must for curly hair
• Lastly always prefer air dry, unless you are in a hurry. 
'The Don’ts'
• Do not use a regular towel for drying the hair. I used to do it a lot and it resulted in damaging my hair at the ends. We can use t-shirts or silk wraps. 
• Do not apply product on dry hair. It ruins the look completely. Instead apply when your hair is wet.
• Do not detangle the hair using fingers. I feel they make the curls bigger than it usually is. Use detangler or comb.
• Lastly do not straighten your hair. Because your curls are the best. 

Thanks so much to @nimishaekafor sharing her Curly Story. If you have a #curlstory to share, email to be featured.


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