How to refresh your curls with the Mega Hold Gel

How to do a Quick Refresh with Mega Hold Gel 

"I don’t have time to wash my hair" is something we have all said at some point as a curly person!

Don’t worry we have the perfect refresh routine from one of our lovely salon stockists Sarah Blew Belle, Cornwall to get your curls looking curlicious with our Mega Hold Gel and water in 4 easy steps.

Only Curls Mega Hold Gel

Step 1: Damp hair with misting bottle 

Step 2: Then use a pea size amount of gel (you may require more product if your hair is longer/thicker) in the palm of your hand, add some water to dilute, spread through your hands. Smooth over your hair  first.

Step 3: Then tip your head side to side to smooth underneath. 

Step 4: Air dry or lightly diffuse

Additional Bonus Tip:
With the winter season you may notice your hair is a little drier than usual, if this is the case try applying a little of the Hydrating Curl Creme before the Gel


Before the Mega Hold Refresh


After the Mega Hold Refresh


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