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Easy Summer Updos for Curly Hair

It's heating up, and sometimes it gets hot under all that curly hair!  So we've gathered a few easy updos from our fave Instagrammers for you to try...  

1. Accessorise! 

Half up Half down scrunchie style

Brighten things up with a printed scarf.  We love @eleanorbarkes half up, half down style.

Hair Forwards Scrunchie style

Try something new. @curlsby.m has pulled her hair forwards to create temporary curly fringe/bangs! 

Cute Headband Only Curls

Hold your curls back with a cute headband. We love how @lovelifecurls has left some curls loose to frame her face.

70's Style Only Curls

This 70's inspired look by @dervscurls gives us all the Summer feels.

Silk Scrunchie Updo

It's in the details. @ri6syrache has doubled up our silk scrunchies to create her updo

2. If in doubt- PINEAPPLE 

Pineapple Silk Scrunchie Style

@jacintamayora giving us curl envy with her cute loose pineapple style.

Tight silk scrunchie style

Love how @marisascurls has gone for a tighter style and slicked back her hair to neaten things up. This is a great option on days when your hair needs a refresh but you don't have time. You can use our Enhancing Curl Gel to create this look.

Forward Pineapple Scrunchie

This front and forward pineapple @monique_varlack is wearing pairs so well with our Don't Touch My Curls bag!!! 

Whatever the length of your hair. A high ponytail is an easy 2 minute up do for any curls. @supercurlyfragilistic has gorgeous length and this style shows off her lovely ringlets

Pinned back ponytail

This pinned back ponytail is gorgeous for the evening. Love how @honestlizherehas styled this with earrings for this sophisticated look.

3. Curly Bun - get stuff done!

A curly bun is our go to style for getting out the door quickly. Try smoothing down any frizz by applying our Enhancing Curl Gel after you have fixed your bun.

Curly Bun

We love how @curlsfirst has fixed her curls into this neat, high bun. Perfect for the weekend or for the office!


Double Buns

DOUBLE BUNS-  we're so inspired by this look from @probablynotjane

4.) Pin it

Pinned back sections hair

Ok, so not quite an updo, but you don't have to tie ALL your hair up to get your curls out the way. We love how @supercurlyfragilistic has pinned back sections for this easy style

Curly Twist updo

These twists are a great idea for any curl type from the lovely @curlycue_lu


For more inspo- be sure to follow us on Instagram @ONLYCURLSLONDON



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