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Do you have curly hair and are thinking about your next haircut? If so, you might be wondering whether you need to see a "curl specialist." While it's not a necessity, choosing the right hairdresser can make all the difference for your curls. Here's what you need to know to ensure you get the best curly hair cut possible.

The challenge with curly haircuts

Curly hair presents unique challenges. Unlike straight hair, curls and waves require specific techniques to ensure the cut enhances the natural curl pattern. Unfortunately, some hairdressers don’t have the training or experience needed to cut and style curly hair properly. This can lead to uneven cuts, excessive shrinkage, and an overall dissatisfaction with your haircut. 

Do you need to see a Curl Specialist?

While you don't necessarily need to see a curl specialist, finding a hairdresser with experience and passion for cutting curly hair is crucial. Some hairdressers are more skilled with curls and waves than others, so it’s worth doing a bit of research before booking your appointment. 

Many hairstylists nowadays use social media to highlight their work. If there’s a curly hairdresser near you, you can often find their pages on Facebook or Instagram. This can help you get a feel for their work and give you inspiration for your next cut. You can also book a consultation with a hairstylist to get to know them first and see if they are the right fit for you and your curls.

Here are some of our best tips to help you choose the right hairdresser:

1. Ask about their experience

Before scheduling your haircut, ask the hairdresser if they have experience cutting curly hair. It’s also helpful to find out if they enjoy working with curls. A hairdresser who loves and understands curls is more likely to give you a cut that complements your natural texture.

2. Discuss techniques

There is no one-size-fits-all method for cutting curly hair. Some hairdressers prefer wet cutting, while others advocate for dry cutting, often referred to as a "curl by curl cut." The method chosen can depend on your specific curl type and the desired outcome. Discuss these techniques with your hairdresser to determine which method they recommend for your hair.

3. Attend your appointment with natural curls

When you go for your appointment, ensure your hair is in its natural state. This means avoiding excessive styling or straightening before the cut. By seeing your hair in its natural curly form, the hairdresser can better understand your curl pattern and how much length to take off to account for curl shrinkage (how much your curls bounce up when dry).

4. The importance of shrinkage

Shrinkage is a significant factor in curly hair cuts. Curly hair often appears shorter than it actually is because of the curl pattern. A skilled hairdresser will know to take shrinkage into account, ensuring that the length you see post-cut matches your expectations. This is why it’s essential to discuss your desired length with the hairdresser and perhaps even show them where you’d like your hair to fall once dry.

5. Reviewing the cut

Once the cut is complete, review it with your hairdresser when your hair is dry. This step is vital because curly hair can change significantly from wet to dry. Ensuring you are happy with the shape and length of your curls while they are dry helps prevent post-cut surprises and ensures your haircut meets your expectations.

Check out the amazing work by Kelly at Pixal Rose Hair Design, Swindon...

While a curl specialist is not strictly necessary, finding a hairdresser with the right experience and enthusiasm for curly hair can significantly enhance your haircut experience. Remember to ask about their experience with curls, discuss cutting techniques, attend with your natural curls, and review the cut once dry. With these tips, you'll be on your way to a fantastic curly haircut that highlights your beautiful curls.

Only Curls work with hundreds of hairdressers that love cutting curly and wavy hair. Check out our Salon Locator to find your nearest curly salon.

What if you want salon-worthy curls at home after your haircut? Our Try Everything Curl Kit contains all the products our salon stockists use on their clients and it's perfect for you at home too!

Pre-poo is short for pre-shampoo, and it is an essential step in curl care that involves prepping your hair with a treatment before shampooing. This offers numerous benefits, including strengthening and softening the hair, as well as making your curls easier to detangle. By incorporating a pre-poo treatment into your routine, you can protect your hair and reduce breakage, ensuring your curls stay healthy and hydrated.

If you’ve researched curly hair, you’ll have seen the word “plopping” come up a lot. What could it possibly mean?! We’re here to help you master the art of plopping and create gorgeous defined curls. Let’s dive into the world of plopping curly hair and explore the different methods - dry plopping, micro-plopping, and wet plopping.

Detangling curly hair can be a daunting task, but with the right techniques and products, it doesn't have to be. People with curly and wavy hair often avoid brushing it regularly because the curls can wrap around each other easily and get knotted. Brushing curly hair often makes it more frizzy and curly hair is typically dry, which leads to further tangles and frizz. Here’s our guide on how to effectively detangle your hair and the best Only Curls products to help you achieve smooth, tangle-free curls.


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