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The 25 most common questions from our curly customers...

We LOVE hearing from our lovely customers and love answering all your questions about the products and styling methods. Here are 25 of the most common questions received by our curl support team here at Only Curls, and our answers!

“I am new to Only Curls - where do I start?”

We recommend beginning with the Starter Pack. It comes with instructions on the back, and all the products you need for a full curly wash day! Bottles are 100ml sized which will last around 8 washes.

“How do I apply the products?”

Our curly method is here - this explains how to use each product and in which order. If you opt for any of our mini bundles, these come with an easy to follow instructions on the back.

“Are the products CGM friendly?”

There are no sulfates, silicones or drying alcohols in our products. Some people following the method prefer no foaming shampoo at all, but we do love a gentle foaming shampoo (the All Curl Cleanser) in our Only Curls routine. The foaming agent is very gentle on curls and is derived from coconuts.

“Are your products safe for coloured hair?”

Since we don’t want to strip curls of moisture, our products are very gentle. This means they are fine on most coloured hair. For very vibrant colours (e.g. bright red), we would suggest a shampoo that adds some pigment back in, as even water would fade these colours over a number of washes. We have a blog post here with lots of tips for taking care of curls that have been dyed.

“Can I air dry with your products or do I need a diffuser?”

The products work fab with air drying or diffusing - it’s totally a personal preference. 

Diffusing helps to give more volume and makes the process faster, but both drying methods work lovely for hydrating and defining the curls. To speed up drying time we recommend scrunch drying with the microfibre towel before diffusing or air drying.

“My hair is still frizzy after trying the products, what can I do”

Often a tweak in application makes all the difference here. The key to frizz-free curls is applying your first styling product to soaking wet hair. Keep the curl creme in the shower and apply this as soon as you have rinsed out the conditioner. Scrunch dry with a microfibre towel or old t-shirt and then scrunch in the gel.

“What can I do to reduce frizz between wash days / define the curls again”

Between washes, the gel is great for a refresh. Here’s a link to our refresh method.

“My hair is feeling greasy/ filled with product, what can I do?”

Try using less All Curl Conditioner and less Hydrating Curl Creme on your next wash day. If the products are feeling greasy, you have likely used too much. Experimenting with the amount of product you are using will be key to devising your own perfect wash day routine.

“My curls are crispy once dry, why is this?”

If you are finding the curls slightly crispy once dry, you can gently 'scrunch out the crunch' - you do this by gently scrunching upwards with your hands to break any cast created by the gel.

“What the difference between Hydrating Curl Creme and Enhancing Curl Gel”

Hydrating Curl Creme is like a leave-in conditioner. It helps smooth the hair, reduce frizz and add moisture.

Enhancing Curl Gel adds hold and defines the curls.

The beauty of the two products is that you can play around with the amounts of each to suit your curls and hair type perfectly. They complement one another. 😊

“What’s the difference between the two gels - the Enhancing Curl Gel and Mega Hold Gel?”

Our Enhancing Curl Gel gives a light-medium hold. It feel very natural on the hair and is the perfect gel to try out if you’re new to Only Curls!

Our Mega Hold Gel has a stronger, firmer hold. It's also applied after the Creme (instead of the Enhancing Curl Gel). It's slightly thicker, which helps lift the curls and holds them tighter throughout the drying process. This new gel will create a cast around your curls, which can be gently scrunched out once dry.

“What’s a Co Wash? Do I need this in my routine?”

The Cleansing Co Wash is non foaming, and has a creme base (like a lighter conditioner), but unlike a conditioner, it includes cleansing ingredients which attract the dirt/oil that washes off with the product. We have lots more info about co washing here.

“How do I protect my curls at night?”

Cotton is absorbent, so sleeping on a cotton pillowcase draws moisture from your hair resulting in dry, frizzy curls in the morning. Sleeping on silk or satin helps keeps your hair and skin hydrated. Check out our sleep solutions and wake up to frizz free curls.

“I have lots of tangles and knots, how can I make my routine easier?”

The best way to detangle hair is with lots of conditioner in the shower. Rinse out your shampoo, apply the conditioner and start detangling. Start detangling any stubborn knots with your fingers, add another splash of water then use a wide tooth comb to gentle detangle the rest and then rinse.

If your really struggling with tangles it might be time for a  trim, you can find your nearest curl specialist hairdresser via our stockists page here.

“Are the products suitable for kids?’

We recommend the products for age 3 and over. The products are lightweight, so they feel and look lovely and natural on the hair which is great for kids. A patch test is also always a good idea on children. Watch this space for specific children's products in the near future.

“Do you ship to Europe?”

Shipping is paused temporarily to Europe following Brexit. However we are hoping to get things back up and running soon. We don't have a timeline on this yet, so please do stay subscribed to our newsletter for future updates. We miss EU.

“How can I get more definition into my curls”

There are two different techniques that can help with definition. Finger Coiling (where you twist the curls around your fingers) or the Brush Method (where you twist the curls around the hair brush and handle).

“Do you have samples of the products?”

We don’t have sample sachets of our products. The best way to test our products is with our Starter Pack. This set contains 4 x mini travel sized 100ml bottles and are the perfect way to try the products out.

“Are your products vegan?”

All our cosmetic products are vegan and are not tested on animals.

The only products in our range that aren't vegan are the silk pillowcases and scrunchies.

“Do your products work on permed hair?”

They are great for permed hair 😊 You just have to wait the usual 48 hours after having a perm before applying any products. They are quite light compared to most curly hair products, while still being lovely and hydrating, so our customers with perms love them. We also have a fantastic post that shows all you need to know about curly perms!

Do you have more questions?

We want you to love your curls and are here to help you get the most amazing results. We're always happy to hear from you. Drop us a line and one of our curly team will get back to you asap!

Pre-poo is short for pre-shampoo, and it is an essential step in curl care that involves prepping your hair with a treatment before shampooing. This offers numerous benefits, including strengthening and softening the hair, as well as making your curls easier to detangle. By incorporating a pre-poo treatment into your routine, you can protect your hair and reduce breakage, ensuring your curls stay healthy and hydrated.

If you’ve researched curly hair, you’ll have seen the word “plopping” come up a lot. What could it possibly mean?! We’re here to help you master the art of plopping and create gorgeous defined curls. Let’s dive into the world of plopping curly hair and explore the different methods - dry plopping, micro-plopping, and wet plopping.

Detangling curly hair can be a daunting task, but with the right techniques and products, it doesn't have to be. People with curly and wavy hair often avoid brushing it regularly because the curls can wrap around each other easily and get knotted. Brushing curly hair often makes it more frizzy and curly hair is typically dry, which leads to further tangles and frizz. Here’s our guide on how to effectively detangle your hair and the best Only Curls products to help you achieve smooth, tangle-free curls.


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